-  baking something sweet, preferably something chocolatety
-  sipping on a Coca-Cola
-  planning my dream trip: Grand Tour of Italy
-  organizing
-  reading a good book
-  dancing and singing to the Frozen soundtrack in my living room
-  enjoying the Florida sunshine and white sand beaches

You are also likely to find me...

I am a wife, mother of three sweet girls, photographer, and pediatric nurse practitioner. Yep, I have not always been a photographer and it was not my lifelong dream growing up. It just...happened. I have always loved taking photos and being able to relive all those moments. I only ever saw it as a hobby until it became more. Now you can find me not only taking care of sick kids but behind the camera capturing every moment I can so we can replay the precious moments of today over and over and over.

Hey, i'm riley!

-magnolia manifesto

“We believe that each day is a gift and that everyday miracles are scattered about if only we have eyes to see them”